Child Custody under the Islamic Law in Karachi Pakistan

In the unfortunate event of a divorce in Islam, regardless of who amongst the spouse initiates the divorce, Shariah Law states that all children (male or female) will remain in the custody of the mother until they reach the age of understanding and puberty; and it will be responsibility of the father to provide for the financial upkeep of the children.

Once the children reach the age of understanding, the father has a right to move to Court if he wishes to gain custody of the children.

In this particular case the mother will get the primary custody of the girl (10 years) until she has reached the age of puberty, and if then the father wishes to get primary custody of his daughter, he will have to approach a Court.

The boy of 14 has already reached his age of puberty, thus if the father wishes to gain primary custody of his son, he will have to approach the Court.

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