Procedure Obtaining Approved plan for Construction in Karachi Pakistan

An application form must be submitted to the Karachi Building Control Authority (KBCA) along with the following documents:

1. A building plan, together with:
a. Full particulars of the land plot with a specification of its intended use (residential, commercial);
b. Two sets of all documents relating to the plot and a letter from the relevant authority confirming the title or land use, the plot dimensions, and the possible existence of any road widening, cut line, or reservation.

2. A plan description:
a. Any proposed and/or revised addition and/or alteration;
b. Any previous approval, if applicable;
c. Details of any litigation relating to the plot.

Note: The drawings should show plans, sections, and elevations, together with other necessary details pertaining to RCC elements, joinery work, covered areas, and the like, of every floor, including the basement, if there is one. In addition, a block plan of the site, drawn to a scale of not less than 1:500 (1”:8’) should be included. Such plan and sections should show the building’s intended use; the access to and from the various parts of the building; the position dimensions; the means of ventilation; the proposed plinth height; the superstructure at each floor level; and the dimensions and descriptions of all the walls, floors, roofs, staircases, elevators, and the like.

3. A description of the proposed construction:
a. Type of building;
b. Total floor area;
c. Number of floors;
d. Number of units (for public sale projects only);
e. Parking spaces;
f. Area of amenity space.

4. Particulars of the licensed professionals employed to prepare the plan and supervise the work:
a. Name;
b. License number/professional registration number from the Public Engineering Council (PEC);
c. National identity card number;
d. Mailing and permanent address and telephone number;
e. Office address and telephone number.

5. A specification of the building’s intended use (i.e., whether it is destined for public sale).

6. A list of other documents to be attached to the application (photocopies should be duly attested by the professional):
a. Lease/sale deed, allotment order, mutation (or transfer) order (or extract);
b. Possession order;
c. Acknowledgment of possession;
d. Site plan;
e. No-objection certificate (NOC), if applicable;
f. National identity card;
g. Letter from the owner, or the owner’s attorney, authorizing a named professional whose license or registration number should also be provided, to complete and comply with the requirements of the Sindh Building Control Ordinance of 1979 (and amendments), and with the requirements of the Karachi Building and Town Planning Regulations of 2002 (and amendments). The letter should also indicate that a plinth certificate notice will be provided at the completion of the plinth level as required under Section 3-2.10 of the Karachi Building and Town Planning Regulations of 2002. The letter should also specify that the owner will abide by all the aforementioned rules and regulations, and it must be signed by the owner or the owner’s attorney, contain his or her national identity card number, email address, mailing and permanent address, and telephone number as well as the signature and particulars of the architect and structural engineer.

7. A form specifying the architect’s and structural engineer’s undertaking:
The KBCA operates under the Sindh Building Control Ordinance 1979, and falls under the control of the Minister for Local Government, Katchi Abadis and Spatial Development Department, Government of Sindh. The Minister for Local Government, Katchi Abadis and Spatial Development Department acts as chief executive of KBCA.

If the property is in a military cantonment jurisdiction, the company must send the documents to the Cantonment Board, which takes about 30 days. The model considered here assumes that the property is not located in this type of jurisdiction.

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