This Tenancy agreement is made at Karachi on this _______ day of
_____________ son of ________ Muslim, Adult, holding CNIC
__________resident of House No. ______________, Karachi hereinafter
called the first part and as Landlord.
____________ son of ___________, Muslim, adult, holding CNIC
_____________resident of House No. ____________________________,
Karachi hereinafter called the second part and as Tenant.
AND WHEREAS the first party is the absolutely owner of a House
No. ______________________, Karachi and has agreed to give on rent the
said property / house on the term and condition mentioned below.
1. That the tenant has agreed to pay Rs.______/= only as monthly rent in
advance on 10th of each month.
2. That a tenant / second party has paid s sum of Rs.________/= to the
landlord/ First Party as fixed deposit security previously which will be
return after the expiry of the agreement and after deducting if any.
3. That the fixed deposit will be refunded by the landlord / First Party to
the tenant / Second Party at the time of vacant / termination of the
house / Rented Premises and Rented premises will be handed over to
the First Party / Landlord in sound condition to the first party.
4. That the period of a tenancy will be for eleven months which has been
started from _____________ and will be ended on
________________. After this period the fresh agreement can be made
/renewed with the consent of both parties.
5. That the second party / tenant shall not demolish / alter or damage the
said premises or remove any installation during the period of the
tenancy without the prior consent of the first party in writing or as the
case may be.
6. That second party / Tenant permits the first party / Landlord or his
agent to inspect the said rented premises at any reasonable time prior
7. That the second party / Tenant shall not sub-let the said house to any
person(s) / society / institution on any terms whatsoever it may be.
8. That at any time in case either or the party desirous to terminate /
vacate the tenancy such party shall give notice Prior Two months in
writing to the other party and that shall be final binding on the both
9. That the second party / tenant shall keep and maintain the said house /
rented premises in good condition and he shall look after the said house
/ rented premises with reasonable care and shall be exclusively
responsible for the repair occasioned by use of the house.
10. That the said rented house will be used only for residential purpose and
will not be use for commercial use and the second party will not store
any kind of blast and thud materials in the rented house at any cost.
11. That the electricity bill and sui gas bill be paid by the second party
directly to the concern department if in case of any failure of arrears
remain continue during the tenancy tenure the said bill amount shall be
adjusted from the security deposit.
IN WITNESSES WHERREOF the parties above named have set and
subscribed their respective hands at Karachi on the day month and year first
above mentioned.