Corporate Law Firm in Karachi Pakistan

  Irfan Mir Halepota & Associates is a full service law Firm, with offices at Karachi, Hyderabad and Thatta and associate lawyers in most major cities of Pakistan. The main office of the Firm is in Karachi, conveniently located Clifton area. It is easily accessible from all parts of Karachi. The Partners and members of the […]

Partnership agreement or Partnership Deed

Partnership agreement or Partnership Deed must including following details :- A. While drafting a partnership agreement/deed there are some important points to be kept in view • There must be at least two major contracting parties. • Total number of partners should not exceed twenty. • Name of the Firm under which the business is […]


  OUR LAW FIRM provides legal service to Local, Overseas Pakistanis and Foreign Clients to set up business in Pakistan. Business Set-Up services of Our Law Firm will help you in those essential early stages of business, giving you advice to assist you to set-up a business and able to plan and grow effectively without […]

International Trade

We are one of a handful of law firms offering legal and policy advice on matters relating to the WTO. Our firm deals with issues concerning Anti-Dumping investigations, accounting compliance, Rules of Origin as well as focusing on general international trade issues, including the sale of goods, transport, payment, insurance, alternative dispute resolution procedures, and […]


THE COMPANIES (APPOINTMENT OF LEGAL ADVISERS) ACT, 1974 (X of 1974) was promulgated for the appointment of Legal Advisers to companies. Section 3 of the Companies Appointment of Legal Advisers Act says that  Every company shall appoint at least one Legal Adviser on retainership to advise such company in the performance of its functions and the discharge […]

Corporate Legal Services Karachi Pakistan

Corporate Legal Services in Karachi Pakistan Corporate law is the body of law developed to govern the creation and existence of corporate entities and commercial transactions. This body of law allows for efficient, predictable and secure agreements and relationships. Corporate law also provides guidance for deciding what type of corporate entity will be best for […]

Partnership Agreement Preparation in Pakistan

Partnership deed or agreement is a document in which all partners settle mutual rights, obligations and conditions relating to partnership also settle the regulations governing its internal management. The said agreement is required to be signed by the all partners and same should be attested.   If you require more information, Feel Free to Contact Us for […]

Unternehmensrecht Kanzlei in Karatschi pakistanischen

Company Law Firm in Karachi Pakistan, Irfan Mir Halepota & Associates is a full-service law firm with offices in Karachi, Hyderabad and Thatta and associate attorneys in most major cities in Pakistan. The company’s headquarters are conveniently located in Karachi, Clifton. It is easily accessible from all parts of Karachi. The partners and members of […]

特別な商事裁判所は 米国の輸入業者に損害賠償をパキスタンの会社の支払いを命じ

特別な商事裁判所は、米国の輸入業者に損害賠償をパキスタンの会社の支払いを命じ スポーツウェアのブランドのためのエージェントを調達 – シンド州とバロチスタンのための特別商事裁判所は、Dマイケル画家、各氏Quivera LLCは、米国カリフォルニア州の所有者が詐欺や契約違反の苦情を受けていた。 SCCは評決を提供しました。ケースは、 2008年にカラチベースのテキスタイルグループから5万ドル相当の衣類を注文したが、後者は紛争につながる、輸入業者に不良品を出荷していた外国の買い手を、関与。 パキスタンの裁判所は、不正行為に等しい企業の行動を宣言し、外国企業への損害賠償を支払うように命じた。 これは、決定は、パキスタンでのビジネスに関心を持つ外国人に肯定的な印象を残し、米国および欧州でのビジネス界では、国の信用を高めることが期待されている。 イルファンミールHalepaota &アソシエイツは、されているトップの一人として私をランク付けし、最高の会社法、パキスタンの企業法務500によって、 HGと法律事務所の他の国際的なディレクトリ。 あなたがより多くの情報が必要な場合は、詳細な相談はお気軽にお問い合わせ。 電話番号: 0092 321-2057582 正規のウェブサイト


特别商业法庭下令支付赔偿巴基斯坦公司向美国进口 特别商业法庭的信德省和俾路支省已经收到欺诈及违反合同为D迈克尔画家,为先生Quivera有限责任公司,美国加利福尼亚州拥有者的投诉 – 采购代理的运动品牌。该SCC交付的判决。 个案涉及一名外国买家,谁下令服装价值50,000元在2008年卡拉奇为主的纺织集团,但后者运残次品的进口,从而导致纠纷。 巴基斯坦法院宣布该公司的行为无异于作弊,并责令其赔偿损失的外国公司。 我们希望这一决定将离开其在巴基斯坦的商业利益的外国人留下良好的印象,并提高在美国和欧洲企业界国家的信誉。 伊尔凡米尔Halepaota &Associates公司已经 – 被评为我作为最高的之一,并在巴基斯坦的最佳公司律师事务所的法律500 , HG和律师事务所等国际目录。 如果您需要了解更多信息,请随时与我们联系进行详细咨询。 电话: 0092 321-2057582 正规的网站: