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Our services extends right around the world, with association of emigration consultants and lawyers for providing emigration services for entry to USA, UK, Canada, European Countries, Middle East, Australia and New Zealand etc.

We provide a wide range of services for many visas types and categories. Our global emigration services are specifically tailored to assist our clients in traveling or migration to another country. Our qualified migration consultants are ready and willing to provide our clients with valuable emigration advice.

Over the years, we have assisted many satisfied customers with their emigration applications and helped them to make their emigration goals reality. Our team is highly trained and a dedicated group of professionals who are devoted to providing excellent services to our customers.

Apart from the emigration services for other countries we also have the clients all over the world who intends to come to Pakistan on Tourist, Business or Work Visas. We also arrange extension of their stay in Pakistan and help them to solve their other relating problems. We render this service to the Consultants and Experts of many Telecommunications, Oil & Gas, Agriculture, SMEs, Infrastructure, Chemicals, IT, Energy, Mining, Tourism and Engineering sectors.

Our dedicated and experienced Attorneys and Staff provide effective and quality legal services to our clients and we are committed to represent Employees, Employers, Companies, Corporations and Individuals – the full spectrum of those who need us. We also handle Appeals for every facet of emigration law to the relevant Appeal Department in each country and handle every kind of emigration problem through Immigration Law Firms in the respective country.

It is the mission of our Law offices of Irfan Mir Halepota & Associates to serve our clients, our community and our country.

It is through the use of technology that we are able to make our services more affordable then other Migration Services Organizations or Consultants. Using the power of internet communications we have streamed lined the information gathering and assessment process and in turn pass the corresponding costs savings on to our customers.

We like to add that we are not part of any Government but are a Private Company and do not have the authority to grant you a visa of any kind. We can only assist and advice people who want to emigrant to any country. The final decisions on all visa applications rest with the appropriate Government Authority in the Country to which some is seeking to migrate.

Today Irfan Mir Halepota & Associates is a truly global company having association with Immigration Law Firms in all countries which are largest Immigration Firms worldwide and are clear leaders in technology and service innovation thus we offer a unique concept of providing global capabilities and locally responsive service. Our dynamic team of International Emigration Experts takes an innovate approach to their work that results in the formulation of highly successful emigrant strategies and the delivery of real value to clients.

The Lawyer is Profession, but the lawyers around the world are called by different names, in Pakistan, India & Bangladesh the Immigration Lawyers are Called as Immigration Advocate or Immigration Lawyers , In England and Wales Lawyers are called as Immigration Solicitors, In United States of America USA the lawyers are called as Immigration Attorneys.

Ras Al Khaimah RAK Investment Authority (RAKIA) FREE ZONE LICENCE CHARGES (AED)

Ras Al Khaimah RAK Investment Authority (RAKIA)  FREE ZONE LICENCE CHARGES (AED)


Registration Charges One Time                    5,000               5,000                           5,000                 5,000               5,000               5,000
Service Charges* One Time                    2,000               2,000                           2,000                 2,000               2,000               2,000
Immigration File Opening** Yearly                    1,000               1,000                           1,000                 1,000               1,000               1,000
Certificate of Incorporation One Time                    1,000               1,000                           1,000                 1,000               1,000               1,000
GPS Yearly                    1,000                   500                           1,000                     500                   500                   500
RAK Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Yearly                    6,000  Optional  Optional  Optional Optional Optional
RAKIA Licence Fee Yearly                  10,000               8,000                           8,000 15,000             10,000             10,000
TOTAL (FOR SINGLE OWNER FIRM)                  26,000             15,500                        16,000               24,500             19,500             19,500
Memorandum of Association (MOA) One Time                    2,500               2,500                           2,500                 2,500               2,500               2,500
TOTAL (FOR PARTNERSHIP FIRM)                  28,500             20,000                        20,500               27,000             22,000             22,000


Immigration File Renewal Yearly                        500                   500                              500                     500                   500                   500
GPS Yearly                    1,000                   500                           1,000                     500                   500                   500
Chamber Membership Yearly                    5,500 Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
RAKIA Licence Fee Yearly                  10,000               8,000                           8,000 15,000             10,000             10,000
TOTAL                  17,000               9,000                           9,500               16,000             11,000             11,000
* Service charges for service & commercial licenses are applicable only for Partnership firms
**Annual Renewal fee for Immigration File is AED 500 Only



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The UK Immigration Appeal Process

Immigration appeals come about when applications are refused. For this reason they are often accompanied by much stress and heartache for the appellant and possibly their family. It is important to understand how the appeals system works in order to demystify the somewhat long and often confusing road ahead so this blog aims to clarify this process.

When the refusal comes through, the first thing your adviser will do is have a look at the reasons for refusal. These are set out in a letter from the Home Office. If there is an option other than appealing such as administrative review or a fresh application, this will be discussed with you. If the only or best option is appealing, your adviser will discuss the potential grounds of appeal with you.

Once you have decided to go to appeal, you will have either 10 days (if your refusal was in the U.K.) or 28 days (if your refusal was outside the U.K.) in order to lodge the appeal. Lodging the appeal means sending an appeal form and grounds of appeal to the court here in the U.K. It is very important that the grounds of appeal are drafted by an adviser as these cannot be changed later. The other decision that will be made at this stage is whether to opt for a court hearing or an appeal on the papers. Your adviser will advise you as to which option is better in your particular case.