Property Law in Karachi Pakistan

Our Law Firm provide the property legal services to valued clients from the purchase of the property to disposal of the property. This law 01. Sale Deed Conveyance Deed in Karachi Pakistan 02. All kinds of property Deeds in Karachi Pakistan 03. Surrender Transfer and Relinquishment Deed in Karachi Pakistan 04. Mutation of the Property […]

Property Law Firm in Karachi Pakistan

With our personal service and countless years of experience, at Irfan Mir Halepota & Associates the Property Lawyers have cemented ourselves as one of the leading property conveyancing practices in Karachi and Islamabad. Being specialists in Conveyancing for sale, purchase and re-mortgaging of all types of property litigation both locally and nationwide means that you […]

Procedure for Transfer of Property in Defence Housing Authority DHA Karachi Pakistan

To apply for transfer of plot in Defence Housing Authority DHA Karachi Pakistan following documents are required to be submitted: – Covering letter requesting for transfer of a plot with additional three signatures for signing in the presence of Defence Housing Authority Designated Officers. (Specimen attached). Affidavit on Rs 20/- Stamp Paper (Specimen Attached) duly […]

Defence Housing Authority DHA Karachi Transfer of Plot to the Legal Heirs

TRANSFER OF PLOT WILL BE CARRIED OUT IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE ISLAMIC LAW OF INHERITANCE FOR MUSLIM MEMBERS AND RESPECTIVE LAW OF INHERITANCE FOR OTHER RELIGIONS. To apply for transfer to Legal Heirs following documents are required to be submitted: – The Legal Heirs apply for the transfer by giving an application and Affidavit on […]


This sale agreement is made at Karachi on this _____ day of April, ____. BETWEEN Mr/Ms__________ son of/wife of/daughter of___________________ Muslim, adult, holding NIC No. _______________resident of ___________________________, Karachi through Registered General Power of Attorney _______________________son of___________ holding CNIC No. ___________, resident of __________ Karachi vide Registered Power of Attorney No.____. Book‐___ Dated _______ Sub‐Registrar […]


Section 4 of the Sindh Rented Premises Ordinance details with the  Controllers. (1) Government may appoint one or more Controllers in any district and if more than one Controller is appointed in the same district Government shall define the local limits within which each of such Controllers shall exercise jurisdiction; Provided that the Controllers working immediately […]


This Tenancy agreement is made at Karachi on this _______ day of ________. Between _____________ son of ________ Muslim, Adult, holding CNIC __________resident of House No. ______________, Karachi hereinafter called the first part and as Landlord. AND ____________ son of ___________, Muslim, adult, holding CNIC _____________resident of House No. ____________________________, Karachi hereinafter called the second […]

Preparation of Power Attorney in Karachi Pakistan

Irfan Mir Halepota & Associates provides services in: Registration of Power of Attorney in Karachi Pakistan, Drafting General Power of Attorney in Karachi Pakistan, Drafting Power of Attorney for partnership firm in Karachi Pakistan, Drafting General Power of Attorney for a company to its agent in Karachi Pakistan, Drafting of Special Power of Attorney in Tax proceedings inKarachi Pakistan, […]

Procedure Obtaining Approved plan for Construction in Karachi Pakistan

An application form must be submitted to the Karachi Building Control Authority (KBCA) along with the following documents: 1. A building plan, together with: a. Full particulars of the land plot with a specification of its intended use (residential, commercial); b. Two sets of all documents relating to the plot and a letter from the […]


SALE, PURCHASE AND TRANSFER OF PROPERTY/REAL ESTATE IN PAKISTAN OUR LAW FIRM advises and assists clients in sale, purchase and leasing of commercial, agricultural and residential properties in Karachi, Paksitan. We successfully complete the whole process of verification and registration of title documents, procurement of revenue documents “Farad” and get mutation of names in the […]