Corporate Escrow Services Karachi Pakistan

Corporate Escrow Services Karachi Pakistan

For corporate Escrow Services in Karachi, When you need a neutral third party to act as a temporary agent in financial transactions, look to Irfan Mir Halepota & Associates Law Firm in Karachi Pakistan to provide you with the professional expertise and resources required to deliver complete escrow services.

Why use Escrow Services?
In a market filled with uncertainties, escrow agreements are an easily acceptable and versatile tool for assuring the safe, fair and efficient completion of a variety of transactions. An escrow agent will hold assets and oversee distribution of funds so conditions of an escrow agreement can be met.

A Wide Range of Transactions
Our full range of integrated escrow services includes: document review, payment and disbursement services, wire transfer and deposit services, and detailed activity and asset reporting for all parties.

We handle the following types of escrows:

  • Indemnification
  • Contractor Retention/Construction
  • Merger and Acquisition
  • Business Agreement Escrows
  • Impoundment
  • Real Estate Purchase and Sale / Exchanges
  • Franchise
  • Acquisitions
  • For transfer of part or whole ownership
  • As a guarantee for entering into any form of agreement
  • As a performance guarantee
  • For exercise of share option agreements
  • Any other case upon request

Expertise and Personalized Service
You will receive the full attention of our specialists in the Escrow Services Department. They have the experience, combined with the speed and efficiency required, to manage your escrow transaction to your complete satisfaction.