Family Law

Family Law includes all the Matrimonial, Civil, Family, Court Marriage Nikah, Custody of Children, Divorce, Dower, Dowry, Maintenance allowance of Children, and Property of Females Disputes. Sometimes ladies can not come to office of a Lawyer for discussing her case due to domestic problems, therefore, she can not get proper legal assistance rapidly. We on-line […]


Polygamy (1) No man, during the subsistence of an existing marriage, shall except with the previous permission in writing of the Arbitration Council, contract another marriage, nor shall any such marriage contracted without such permission be registered under this Ordinance. (2) An application for permission under Sub-section (1) shall be submitted to the Chairman in […]


Khulla Right of Khulla is not an unconditional right but this can be granted by court upon satisfying itself that there is such discard, hatred, intense, dislike and incurable aversion on the part of wife that is impossible for the spouses to live together and perform their matrimonial obligations within the limits of prescribed by […]