International Human rights Law

Irfan Mir Halepota & Associates stands out as one of only a handful of firms in the country that sponsors a practice devoted to vindicating human rights. The Irfan Mir Halepota & Associates Human Rights practice represents individuals who were victims of torture, human trafficking, forced and slave labor, sexual violence, and other violations of […]

Share of widow in Property and inheritance rights of widow

A widow is indeed entitled to a share of the inheritance from the property which belonged to her deceased husband; but she would not be entitled to inherit anything from the property which belongs to her father-in-law, or any other blood relative of her deceased husband, absolutely regardless of whether she has married again or […]

Criminal Law

Criminal law involves prosecution by the government of a person for an act that has been classified as a crime. Civil cases, on the other hand, involve individuals and organizations seeking to resolve legal disputes. In a criminal case, the state, through a prosecutor, initiates the case, while in a civil case the victim brings […]

Law of Bail in Criminal Cases in Pakistan

Law of Bail in Criminal Cases in Pakistan. CHAPTER XXXIX – OF BAIL 496. In what cases bail to be taken. When any person other than a person accused of a non-bailable offence is arrested or detained without warrant by an officer incharge of a police-station or appears or is brought before a Court, and […]

Best Patent & Trademark Law Firm in Karachi Pakistan

Irfan Mir Halepota & Associates is one of the largest and most diversified intellectual property law firms in Pakistan, based in Karachi. Legal Services are been provided since 2003 to the local and Pakistani leading organization for registration of Trademark, Patents, copyrights. We have been providing intellectual property solutions for our Pakistani and global clients […]

Income Tax Law Firm in Karachi Pakistan

The lawyers of Irfan Mir Halepota & Associates understand the challenges Pakistani businesses face as the federal and provincial tax systems grow ever more complex. Our mission is to decipher that complexity and provide sensible, business-oriented services to our clients on income tax and Sales Tax matters. Our business clients routinely ask us to help […]

Frais d’inscription des marques au Pakistan

Frais d’inscription des marques au Pakistan Les cabinets d’avocats d’informations concernant les frais professionnels (y compris les frais officiels ) pour le dépôt de marques au Pakistan : – Taxe de recherche Une classe : Taxe de recherche USD 80.00 Livraison sous 5 jours ouvrés . Taxe de recherche par classe supplémentaire Parole marque ou […]

Merkregistratie Lasten in Pakistan

Merkregistratie Lasten in Pakistan Advocatenkantoren informatie over honoraria ( inclusief taksen ) voor het indienen Merken die in Pakistan : – Recherchetaks Een klasse : Recherchetaks USD 80,00 Levering binnen 5 werkdagen . Zoek vergoeding per extra klasse woordmerk of Logo: Zoek vergoeding is ongeveer USD 65,00 Levering binnen 5 werkdagen . Vullen en Inschrijvingsrecht […]

Varemerkeregistrering i Pakistan trinnvis fremgangsmåte

Varemerkeregistrering i Pakistan trinnvis fremgangsmåte Step by Step Registrering Fremgangsmåte: Trinn 1 : Klienter sende et eksemplar av varemerket ( via e-post eller faks eller post ) , en detaljert liste over produkter som skal dekkes av varemerket og samtidig gjøre betaling for den pre – filing søk til vi ved remittering eller sjekk ; […]

Cargos de registro de marcas en Pakistán

Cargos de registro de marcas en Pakistán Todas las Firmas de información con respecto a los honorarios profesionales (incluidos los honorarios oficiales ) para la presentación de marcas en Pakistán : – Buscar solo pago de clases : Tasa de búsqueda USD 80.00 Entrega en 5 días hábiles . Tasa de búsqueda por cada clase […]