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Divorce and Khula Law in Karachi Pakistan

We being the best team of divorce lawyers in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Hyderabad and Thatta,  Pakistan explain our clients about the Divorce and Khula law and legal procedure in the court of Pakistan. There are several ways for establishing divorce under the Shariah in Karachi Pakistan, We being the best team of divorce lawyers in Karachi Pakistan :

Both the husband and the wife come to an agreement that they wish to separate through divorce, and the husband then pronounces one declaration of divorce upon his wife and if the couple do not reconcile before the waiting period of ‘iddah’ (three menstrual cycles of the wife), a divorce in the marriage will be established.

The husband alone wishes to divorce his wife; in such a case the husband has the right to declare a divorce upon his wife

The wife alone wishes to divorce her husband; and there are two ways for her to achieve this divorce or ‘khula’:

She requests her husband that she no longer wishes to remain in marriage with him; and the husband declares a divorce upon her.

If her husband is not willing to grant her a divorce, under the Paksitani Law the wife is well within her rights in Shariah to approach a Shariah Court and present her divorce case to the Shariah Judge. In all major cities in Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Hyderabad and Thatta  these duties are performed by the Family Judge. The Family Judge would then summon the husband and ask him to declare a divorce upon his wife and free her from the marriage. If the husband for any reason refuses, the Shariah / Family Judge has the right to declare a divorce between the husband and the wife in marriage.

Sometimes ladies can not come to office of a Lawyer for discussing her case due to domestic problems, therefore, she can not get proper legal assistance rapidly. We on-line services to them. 

If you can not come our office then you can just email us the details of your case and sent required papers to us by courier services alongwith cross cheque or pay order of our professional fees. We will prepare your case, the draft is sent to client by email, after approval of the client the case is finalized for filing in the Court. Client has to come court for recording of statement before the judge.

We do not run any fund raising program regularly, but  International and Local Donor agencies are always welcome for starting Human Rights and Woman rights Projects with our collaboration. We are not a N.G.O. (Non Government Organization) but we have dealt many divorce and human rights cases for deserving woman in Karachi, Pakistan without Professional Fees.

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