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Top Law Firms in Karachi PakistanCompany Law Firm in Karachi Pakistan, Irfan Mir Halepota & Associates is a full-service law firm with offices in Karachi, Hyderabad and Thatta and associate attorneys in most major cities in Pakistan. The company’s headquarters are conveniently located in Karachi, Clifton. It is easily accessible from all parts of Karachi.

The partners and members of the firm are experienced professionals with many years of experience behind them. They bring the highest level of professional service to customers along with the traditions of the profession, sound integrity and ethical practices.

Members of the firm are in line with the working culture of international law firms as well as the expectations of large corporate clients. The company has among its clients are multi-national and leading Pakistani companies and organizations.

One of the most capable litigation law firms in Pakistan, Irfan Mir Halepota & Associates dispute resolution practice is a clear leader. The company handles a large volume of disputes.

Irfan Mir Halepaota & Associates has been ranked as one of the Top Business Law Firms in Pakistan by the Legal 500 and HG. It is also considered as one of the best Law Chambers and Partners with a good reputation in Karachi, Pakistan.

Irfan Mir Halepota & Associates claims leading law firm in Karachi, Pakistan for its dispute resolution work.

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Markenanmeldung Pakistan Schritt für Schritt Verfahren

Trademark application in Pakistan step by step procedure

Step by step registration Procedure:

Step 1: Clients send a copy of the brand (by e-mail or fax or post), a detailed list of the products covered by the mark and at the same time make the payment for the pre-registration search on us Bank transfer or check;

Step 2: We perform the pre-registration search and prepare search report by e-mail and the search reports to the clients;

Step 3: (If the search results indicate that the application is likely to be accepted and customers decide to proceed) customers will send us the photocopy of the proof of identity (passport copy for individual and charter or business registration license) and time at the same time Payment before signing up the search on us by bank transfer through the Bank of Western Union;

Step 4: We prepare the application application forms and power of attorney (POA).

Step 5: Clients send the properly executed POA. The POA must be by a qualified lawyer local notarial certification;

Step 6: We send you the application documents to Pakistan Trademark Registration Office.

Step 7: The Pakistani Trademark Office carry out examination and other procedures, if not filed an objection, then the Pakistan Trademark Registration Bureau issues the registration certificate;

Step 8: We pass the registration certificate to customers.

Time scale

Currently it takes about 2-3 years to get a mark in Pakistan.


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Markeneintragung Gebühren in Pakistan

Top Law Firms in Karachi PakistanTrademark registration fees in Pakistan

Law Firms Information on Fees for Filing Trademarks in Pakistan: –
Search Fee One Class:

Search fee USD 80.00

Delivery within 5 working days.

Search fee per additional class word mark or logo:

Search fee is about USD 65.00

Delivery within 5 working days.

Filling and registration fee including official feesA class (straight forward case) word mark or logo:

Trademark Registration Filling Fee USD 140.00.

(Expected process time: 10 months)

Registration Certificate Fee USD 180.00

(Estimated Timeline: 15 business days to get approval certificate)

Filling and registration fee including official fees per additional class (straightforward case) Word mark or logo:

Marken Füllung Gebühr USD 120.00 .

( Voraussichtliche Prozesslaufzeit : 10 Monate)

Markeneintragung Gebühren USD 160.00

( Geschätzter Zeitleiste: 15 Werktage zu Zulassungsbescheinigung zu erhalten)

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Hinweis: Alle Preise enthalten die gesetzliche und Honorare . Unsere Gebühren könnten Schwankungen bei der Registrierung nur im Fall von Veränderungen bei den Amtsgebührenoder Wechselkurse haben . Gebühren nicht enthalten Rechtsverteidigungim Falle von Widersprüchen oder Einwände .

Timeframe of the trademark registration is only an estimate and may vary considerably if objections and / or oppositions are presented or other events occur during the registration of a trademark.