Public Procurement Regulatory Authority

The Public Procurement Regulatory Authority is an autonomous body endowed with the responsibility of prescribing regulations and procedures for public procurement by Federal Government owned public sector organizations with a view to improve governance, management, transparency, accountability and quality of public procurement of goods, works and services. It is also endowed with the responsibility of monitoring procurement by public sector agencies/organizations and has been delegated necessary powers under the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority Ordinance.

There is an other separate authorities for each Province at Provincial Level, Our Law Firm has handled many cases of our clients who are generally contractors, whereby the Honourable Superior Courts have directed the Government organizations / authorities to act as per law and avoid favoritism to any of their blue eye contractors. Our Teams has represented the clients in Honourable High Court and Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Environment Law



Some Definitions as described in Pakistan Environmental Tribunal Rules as as under :-

“Act” means the Pakistan Environmental Protection Act, 1997

“Bench” means a bench of tribunal comprising the Chairperson
and at least one other Member;

“Chairperson” means Chairperson of the Tribunal;

“Corporation service” means employment in a corporation or other
body set up, established, owned, managed or controlled by the Federal or
a Provincial Government;

“Director General” means the Director-General of the Federal

“Member” means member of the Tribunal;

“Service of Pakistan” shall have the same meaning as defined
clause (1) of Article 260 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of
Pakistan, 1973;

“Tribunal” means Environment Tribunal established under subsection
(1) of section 20 of the Act and includes a Bench.
(2) All other words and expressions used in these rules but not defined shall
have the same meanings as are assigned to them in the Act.

The term of office of the Chairperson and Members shall not exceed three
years: Provide that the Federal Government may extend the term of office of the
Chairperson or any Member for such period, not exceeding three years, as it may deem fit.

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Labour & Employment Lawyers in Karachi Pakistan

Labour & Employment Lawyers in Karachi Pakistan.

Recommended Law Firm in Karachi Pakistan by Legal 500
Recommended Law Firm in Karachi Pakistan by Legal 500

Labour & Employment attorneys work on cases that deal with problems in the workplace, such as harassment, lay offs, disability claims, etc. A labour law attorney represents employers or employees, generally over the terms and conditions of employment.

Here are the Best Labour & Employment Lawyers in Karachi, Pakistan.

Human Resource is an essential ingredient to any business hence the same is essential for us because of our clients. However, legal protection, legal rights and legal risks, governing employment agreements are most essential.

Therefore the laws and regulations governing relationships between employers and employees are carefully scrutinized before advising our clients as their interest in paramount for us. 

We provide our services to following sectors, doing business in Karachi and other parts of Pakistan:

Airlines, Airport Ground Handling Companies, Banking & Insurance, Car Manufacturers,  Home Textiles, Garment Manufacturing Industries, Leather Tanneries & Leather Product Manufacturers, Electronics, Mining, Hospitals, Chemical Industries, Hard Board Manufacturing Industries, Power Generation Companies, Pharmaceuticals, Stock Exchange, Cable Manufacturing Industries, Communication and Mobile Service Companies, Internet Service Providers, Shipping Terminals, Transportation & Distribution Companies.

Our Law Firm is rated among the top law firms in Pakistan in the field of Human Resources, employment and labour laws.

Irfan Mir Halepota, Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan.

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Property Law

Eviction of Tenants in Clifton Cantonment Karachi

Eviction of Tenants in Clifton Cantonment Karachi. The Properties Situated in Defence Housing Authority (generally reffered as DHA / D.H.A.)  comes within the Limits of Clifton Cantonment Board Karachi.

A landlord who seeks to evict his tenant shall apply to the Controller for an order in that behalf, and the Controller may, after giving the tenant a reasonable opportunity of showing cause against the application, make an order directing the tenant to put the landlord in possession, if he is satisfied that:

o          the tenant has not paid or tendered the rent to the landlord within fifteen days of the expiry of the time fixed in the agreement of tenancy for payment of rent, or in the absence of such agreement, within sixty days following the period for which the rent in due; or

o          the tenant has, without the written consent of the landlord,

o           transferred his right under the lease or sublet the building or any portion thereof, or

o           used the building for a purpose other than that for which it was leased; or

o          The tenant has committed such acts as are likely to materially impair the value, look or utility of the building; or

o          The acts and conduct of the tenant have been a nuisance to the occupiers of buildings in the neighbourhood; or

o          Where the building is situated in a place other than a hill station, the tenant has ceased to occupy the building for a continuous period of four months without reasonable cause; or

o          The landlord intends to demolish the building for constructing a new building on the same site and as already obtained the necessary sanction for such construction from the Cantonment Board:

The Controller may give the tenant a reasonable time for putting the landlord in possession of the building, and may extend such time so as not to exceed three months in the aggregate.

A landlord may also apply to the Controller for an eviction order of a tenant if he requires the premises in good faith for his own occupation or for his family members.

Where the tenancy is for a specified period agreed between the landlord and the tenant, the landlord shall not be entitled to apply before the expiry of such period for eviction of tenant to the Controller on the above grounds.

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Intellectual Property

Pakistan Trademark Rules 2004

Pakistan Trademark Rules 2004 are framed in exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) of section 132 of the Trade Marks Ordinance, 2001 (XIX of 2001), the Federal Government has made rules. Short title and commencement. These rules are called the Trade Marks Rules,  2004.



Human Rights

International NGOs to continue functioning in Pakistan for six months

International NGOs to continue functioning in Pakistan for six months

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said on 16th June 2015 that all international non-government organizations (INGOs) in the country would be allowed to function for a period of six months within specified areas of operation decided by concerned authorities.

While chairing the high-level meeting at the PM House to discuss matter related to INGOs present in the country. The Prime Minister announced the decision. Further, it was decided in the meeting that all INGOs were required to complete the process of fresh registration with the government within three months.

Few days ago Interior Minister Nisar Ali Khan said that all international NGOs will have to respect Pakistani laws. He further said that “We have proof that some NGOs were working on foreign agendas against Pakistan’s national interest for the past few years. There were several intelligence reports”.

It is also decided now that no non-governmental organisation (NGO) working against the country’s national interest would be allowed to continue working in Pakistan. The Government of Pakistan just want to regulate the system. Do not want to shut down NGOs that follow Pakistani laws.

Before that the authorities sealed off the offices of Save the Children, saying the charity was “working against the country”. Officials said the government ordered the NGO’s expatriate staff to be sent back to their countries within 15 days.

Interior Minister Nisar Ali Khan said several NGOs were only registered for Islamabad. Some NGOs based in Islamabad started operating in Balochistan and FATA without permission and spreading false news. Several are operating without even being registered.

Interior Minister Nisar Ali Khan also said that no compromise would be made on national interest, and that no pressure would be accepted in this regard. He said that the government would soon bring forward a policy to bring NGOs under a defined scope and charter.

The Inter-Ministerial Committee, headed by Tariq Fatemi, would provide the guidelines including rules, processes and draft legislation for streamlining the work of the INGOs in Pakistan in the future.