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Property Disputes Settlement in Karachi

Irfan Mir Halepota & Associates is a leading Law Firm in Karachi, Pakistan, which is well known to resolve all types of the disputes of Real Estates sale or purchase of Distress Properties in Karachi, Pakistan. We can clear and solve any kind of disputes related to your property, because the word “impossible” is not available for lawful owner of the property and person who has actual right, we believe when there is a will, there is a way.

Today in Real Estates and Properties, there are so many types of disputes like there may be disputes between family members, fake-forged and fabricated documents, rights of partition, Forceful occupation, Forceful Trespassing, Landlord and Tenant disputes, back steps from sale agreements, shortage of finance, Collaboration Dispute, Multiple sale of the same property, pending litigation, bank mortgage, private loan, private mortgage etc. creating a bad name of your valuable property in the market.

All the Real Estates with any of aforesaid dispute can be resolved by adopting proper procedure of law by taking care of in all respects for clearing all the disputes. All the disputes are taken care of by Well Experienced, Expert and Able Professionals Lawyers to resolve as per property Laws of Pakistan.

Honesty, Transparency and Secrecy of Every transaction and dealing is the basis of our success in the society.

We are skilled and professionally qualified team lawyers undertakes personal pain for their respective clients, with full attention, understanding all aspects and sensitiveness of the client’s Requirements in order to provide complete satisfaction to their Clients. We charge as per the seriousness and nature of dispute and our efforts made for resolving the same.


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Irfan Mir Halepota, Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan.

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Supreme Court of Pakistan, Islamabad. The Registry of the Supreme Court is also at Karachi.

Property Law



OUR LAW FIRM advises and assists clients in sale, purchase and leasing of commercial, agricultural and residential properties in Karachi, Paksitan. We successfully complete the whole process of verification and registration of title documents, procurement of revenue documents “Farad” and get mutation of names in the revenue record.

In developed countries people sell, purchase and transfer property through Law Firms and get avoid from fraud and legal complications. But unfortunately in Pakistan, people directly go for this business, without verification of the title deeds and legal status of the property and get trapped in frauds and legal complications.

After visiting the properties shown by Estate Agent or Property Consultants. The best and safe way to sell, purchase and transfer of property is firstly to consult with lawyer for verification and checking the legal status of the property and then to enter into full written agreement by setting out all the terms and conditions in it. This would save you from property frauds, legal complications and loss of your money.

We initiate speedy legal proceedings against the offenders of Land Grabbing, Illegal Possession of property and Transfer of property by fraudulent manner.

OUR Law Firm provides clients with the best legal services to handle business transactions and deals of all sizes, including contracts and/or agreements pertaining to buying and selling property, leasing for the lessee or lessor, sales and maintenance of real estate and farms and vacant land.

OUR Law Firm has a wide range of practice areas in relation to registration. We guide clients in accordance with the Registration Laws of the Real Estate applicable in Pakistan. In collaboration with our partners, we empower clients to obtain the rights on their ownerships.

OUR Law Firm has experienced litigators, who appear for clients before all levels of the Pakistani courts in order to fight on behalf of them, for both the plaintiff and the defendant, before all stages of arbitration panels and the various forms of the ADR as well as representing them in all attempts to attain an amicable settlement with their opponents.

Irfan Mir Halepota, Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan.

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Property Law

Procedure for Transfer of Property in Defence Housing Authority DHA Karachi Pakistan

  1. To apply for transfer of plot in Defence Housing Authority DHA Karachi Pakistan following documents are required to be submitted: –

    1. Covering letter requesting for transfer of a plot with additional three signatures for signing in the presence of Defence Housing Authority Designated Officers. (Specimen attached).
    2. Affidavit on Rs 20/- Stamp Paper (Specimen Attached) duly attested.
    3. Original Allotment Order / Transfer Order / Division Order / Title document.
    4. 1 x Photocopy of CNIC of both parties duly attested.
    5. Undertaking regarding loan / mortgage of plot (specimen attached).
    6. In case only Intimation Letter has been issued, transfer of plot can be undertaken through an application for Issuance of Allotment Order and Cancellation in name of new owners (Specimen attached).
    7. In case of Transfer of plot in the name of more than one owner, a consent letter from all the co-sharers is required to be attached, indicating / mentioning the name and address of the co-sharer on which the correspondence is to be made (Specimen attached).
    8. GHQ NOC, in case of transfer by Army allottee officer.
  2. Ensure all dues on the plot are cleared.
  3. Attach CVT paid proforma for all size of commercial plots and 500 sq yds or above Residential plots.
  4. After ‘Sign Before’ on the transfer documents, the designated officer will return the documents to the transferor.
  5. Once you (transferor) and the buyer (transferee) have completed your transaction for whatever consideration, then the papers may be handed over to the buyer (Transferee).
  6. The Transferee to pay the transfer fee in the Account Branch. The Account Branch Counter will make necessary endorsement on the covering letter.
  7. The buyer (transferee) to deposit the Transfer Documents at the Reception (veranda) and obtain a receipt. The receipt will indicate the date of collection.


  1. All fees are subject to change without notice.
  2. Before making out a Pay Order / Bank Draft please find out the outstanding dues and current rate of Fee from Accounts Branch Counter.
  3. In case you desire your case to be processed on urgent basis, on payment of requisite emergent fee, please contact the Director T&R for necessary endorsement before paying the fees / submitting the documents at the counter.
  4. Attestation of Affidavits:
    • Affidavit executed within Karachi (Pakistan) be got attested by Oath Commissioner / Notary Public / Nazim concerned.

    • Affidavit executed outside Karachi (within Pakistan) be got attested by 1st class Magistrate / Nazim concerned.

    • Affidavits executed outside Pakistan be got attested from authorized officer of Pak Embassy abroad or the Consulate General.

  5. The Buyer may check whether the property is clear or not for transfer by paying Rs. 1000/- in cash at account counter. Information will be given the next day.
  6. For Transfer through court, the Transfer papers to be prepared after getting briefing from Administrative Officer.
  7. Officers (from all svcs) who are original allottees of DHA Karachi and desirous of disposing off / tfr their plots have to obtain NOC from GHQ, AG’s Branch (DHA Cell) Rwp.

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Law Firm based in Karachi having well experienced Advocates and Lawyers in the fields of Real Estate and Property Law.
E-26, Executive Floor, Glass Tower, Clifton,
Karachi, Sindh
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