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Registro de Marcas en Pakistán Procedimiento Paso a Paso

Registro de Marcas en Pakistán Procedimiento Paso a Paso

Paso a Paso Procedimiento de Registro :

Paso 1 : Los clientes envían un espécimen de la marca ( por correo electrónico o fax o correo postal ), una lista detallada de los productos abarcados por la marca y al mismo tiempo hacer el pago por la búsqueda previa a la notificación a We mediante transferencia o cheque ;

Paso 2 : Realizamos la búsqueda de pre- presentación y preparamos informe de búsqueda y correo electrónico los informes de búsqueda a los clientes;

Paso 3 : (Si los resultados de la búsqueda indican que la aplicación es probable que sean aceptadas y los clientes deciden proceder ) Los clientes nos envían la copia fotostática de la prueba de identidad ( copia del pasaporte para el individuo y el Certificado de Incorporación o Licencia Comercial de Registro ) y, al mismo tiempo de hacer el pago por la búsqueda previa a la notificación a nosotros por las remesas a través del Banco de Western Union;

Paso 4 : Preparamos los formularios de solicitud de inscripción y poder notarial ( POA) .

Paso 5 : Los clientes envían el POA debidamente ejecutado . El POA debe escriturar por un abogado cualificado local;

Paso 6 : Se presentara los documentos de la solicitud a la Oficina de Registro de Marca Pakistán.

Paso 7 : La Oficina de Registro de Marca Pakistán realizar exámenes y otros procedimientos , y si no hay objeciones recibidas, la Oficina de Marcas de Registro Pakistán emite el Certificado de Registro ;

Paso 8 : Nosotros reenviamos el Certificado de Registro a los clientes.

Escala de tiempo

Actualmente se está llevando aproximadamente 2-3 años para obtener una marca en Pakistán.


Si necesita más información, no dude en contactar con nosotros para su consulta detallada.

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Intellectual Property

Varemerkeregistrering i Pakistan trinnvis fremgangsmåte

Varemerkeregistrering i Pakistan trinnvis fremgangsmåte

Step by Step Registrering Fremgangsmåte:

Top Law Firms in Karachi PakistanTrinn 1 : Klienter sende et eksemplar av varemerket ( via e-post eller faks eller post ) , en detaljert liste over produkter som skal dekkes av varemerket og samtidig gjøre betaling for den pre – filing søk til vi ved remittering eller sjekk ;

Trinn 2 : Vi utfører pre -filing søk og forberede granskingsrapport og sende søke rapporter til kunder ;

Trinn 3 : ( Hvis søkeresultatene tyde på at programmet er sannsynlig å bli akseptert og kunder velger å fortsette ) Klienter sende oss Photo kopi av identitet bevis ( pass kopi for individuell og firmaattest eller Registrering Business License ) og på samme tid gjøre betaling for den pre – filing søk til oss remittering gjennom Bank of Western Union ;

Trinn 4 : Vi forbereder påmelding søknadsskjemaer og fullmakt (POA ) .

Trinn 5 : Klienter sende behørig henrettet POA. POA skal notarize av en lokal kvalifisert advokat ;

Trinn 6 : Vi sender søknadsdokumentene til Pakistan varemerkeregistering Office.

Trinn 7 : The Pakistan Trademark Registration Office utføre undersøkelse og andre prosedyrer , hvis ingen innvendinger mottatt, utsteder Pakistan varemerkeregistering Bureau deretter attest ;

Steg 8 : Vi videreattesttil klienter .

tid Scale

Foreløpig er det tar ca 2-3 år å få et varemerke i Pakistan .


Hvis du trenger mer informasjon , gjerne kontakt med oss for nærmere konsultasjon .

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Markenanmeldung Pakistan Schritt für Schritt Verfahren

Trademark application in Pakistan step by step procedure

Step by step registration Procedure:

Step 1: Clients send a copy of the brand (by e-mail or fax or post), a detailed list of the products covered by the mark and at the same time make the payment for the pre-registration search on us Bank transfer or check;

Step 2: We perform the pre-registration search and prepare search report by e-mail and the search reports to the clients;

Step 3: (If the search results indicate that the application is likely to be accepted and customers decide to proceed) customers will send us the photocopy of the proof of identity (passport copy for individual and charter or business registration license) and time at the same time Payment before signing up the search on us by bank transfer through the Bank of Western Union;

Step 4: We prepare the application application forms and power of attorney (POA).

Step 5: Clients send the properly executed POA. The POA must be by a qualified lawyer local notarial certification;

Step 6: We send you the application documents to Pakistan Trademark Registration Office.

Step 7: The Pakistani Trademark Office carry out examination and other procedures, if not filed an objection, then the Pakistan Trademark Registration Bureau issues the registration certificate;

Step 8: We pass the registration certificate to customers.

Time scale

Currently it takes about 2-3 years to get a mark in Pakistan.


If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us for detailed advice.

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Trademark Watch in Pakistan


Trademark Watch

Top Law Firms in Karachi PakistanAs we all know the worth trademark in the corporate sector that used to protect the goodwill and support to maintain the reputation while promoting the respective products and services. Under the registration of trademark; it takes time while searching unique trademark and its takes finance while filing an application altogether trademark is a precious element foe any of the business or company that needs to be protected under any condition. In comparison of last few decades; the rising cases of misuse and maltreat has compelled to follow the procedure of trademark watch.

To come over with these issues and matters related to trademark protection here we bring you with trademark watch where our legal team will keep an eye on every proposed trademark and other new arrivals in order to offer complete services in trademark protection.

Trademark Watch Services Pakistan

Under trademark watch services all the needful steps and procedures need to take while filing an objection against similar types of trademarks in Pakistan. Here, our legal team of Intellectual Property and other business lawyers will make you with every step how to process with objection application. On the entry of every similar or objectionable trademark; the legal team will notify to their clients where the respective client will make a decision whether to go ahead with filing an application or set free to the same.

Thus, if you are looking for any of the prominent legal firm that brings valuable services at your door step in respect of trademark protection, Trademark litigation or prosecution under the trademark watch then just contact at here where you will find a team of professionals render the best services in trademark watch in Pakistan that not only protects your trademark but also suggest you how best you can make use of your Trademark while promoting the business.

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Irfan Mir Halepaota & Associates has been ranked as one of the top Corporate Law Firms in Pakistan by the Legal 500, HG and other International Directories of Law Firm.

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Trademark Registration in Pakistan Step by Step Procedure


Step by Step Registration of Trademark in Pakistan Procedure:

Top Law Firms in Karachi PakistanStep 1: Clients send  a specimen of the trademark (by email or fax or post) , a detailed list of products to be covered by the trademark and at the same time make payment for the pre-filing search to We by remittance or check;

Step 2: We conduct the pre-filing search and prepare search report and email the search reports to clients;

Step 3: (If the search results indicate that the application is likely to be accepted and clients decide to proceed) Clients send us the Photostat copy of identity proof (passport copy for individual and Certificate of Incorporation or Business Registration License) and at the same time make payment for the pre-filing search to us by remittance through Bank of Western Union;

Step 4: We prepare the registration application forms and Power of Attorney (POA).

Step 5: Clients send the duly executed POA.  The POA must be Notarize by a local qualified Lawyer;

Step 6: We submit the application documents to the Pakistan Trademark Registration Office.

Step 7: The Pakistan Trademark Registration Office perform examination and other procedures; if no objection received, the Pakistan Trademark Registration Bureau then issues the Certificate of Registration;

Step 8: We forward the Certificate of Registration to clients.

Time Scale

Currently it is taking approximately 2-3 years to get a trademark in Pakistan.


If you require more information, Feel Free to Contact Us for detailed consultation.

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Adım Usulü ile Pakistan Adım Marka Tescili

Top Law Firms in Karachi PakistanAdım Usulü ile Pakistan Adım Marka Tescili

Adım Kayıt Usulü ile Adım :

Adım 1 : Müşteriler ürünlerin ayrıntılı bir listemarka kapsadığı veaynı zamanda havale ki bizön dosyalama arama için ödeme yapmak ya da kontrol edilmesi , (e-posta , faks veya posta ile)marka bir numune göndermek ;

Adım 2: Bizön dosyalama arama yapmak ve arama raporu hazırlamak ve müşterilerinearama raporları e-posta ;

Adım 3 : (arama sonuçlarıbaşvurusunun kabul olması muhtemeldir ve müşterilerine devam etmeye karar belirtiyorsa ) Müşteriler bize ispat kimlikfotostat kopyasını göndermek için ( pasaport kopyalama bireysel ve Ortaklığın veya İşletme Kayıt Lisans Belgesi ) veaynı anda zaman Western Union Bankası aracılığıyla havale bizeön dosyalama arama için ödeme yapmak ;

Adım 4: Bizkayıt başvuru formları ve Vekaletname ( £ ) hazırlamak .

Adım 5: Müşterilerusulüne uygun idam £ gönderebilirsiniz . Talep Üzerine Bir yerel yetkili Avukat tarafından noterde gerekir ;

Adım 6 : BizPakistan Marka Tescil Bürosu’nabaşvuru belgeleri .

Adım 7 :Pakistan Marka Tescil Ofisi muayene ve diğer işlemleri gerçekleştirmek ; hiçbir itiraz aldıysanız ,Pakistan Marka Tescil Bürosu ardından TescilBelgesi verir;

Adım 8 : Biz müşterilerine TescilBelgesi iletin.

Saat Ölçeği

Şu anda Pakistan’da bir marka almak için yaklaşık 2-3 yıl alıyor .


Eğer daha fazla bilgiye ihtiyacınız varsa , ayrıntılı danışma için İletişim Ücretsiz hissedin .

Telefon: +92 321-2057582

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Intellectual Property

Merkregistratie uit Pakistan procedure stap voor stap

Top Law Firms in Karachi PakistanMerkregistratie uit Pakistan procedure stap voor stap

Stap voor stap Registratie Procedure :

Stap 1 : Klanten sturen een exemplaar van het handelsmerk ( per e-mail of fax of post) , een gedetailleerde lijst van de producten die vallen onder het handelsmerk en op hetzelfde moment de betaling voor de pre -filing zoek naar We via overschrijving of cheque ;

Stap 2 : Wij voeren de pre -filing zoeken en voor te bereiden onderzoeksverslag en e-mail de rechercheverslagen aan cliënten;

Stap 3 : (Als de zoekresultaten aangeven dat de aanvraag waarschijnlijk worden geaccepteerd en klanten besluiten over te gaan ) Cliënten stuur ons de Photostat kopie van de identiteitskaart bewijs ( kopie paspoort voor individuele en Certificaat van oprichting of Inschrijving License) en op hetzelfde tijd de betaling voor de pre -filing zoekopdracht aan ons door overschrijving via Bank of Western Union ;

Stap 4 : We bereiden de registratie aanvraagformulieren en Volmacht (POA ) .

Stap 5 : Cliënten de naar behoren uitgevoerd POA . De POA moet notarieel bekrachtigen door een lokale gekwalificeerde advocaat ;

Stap 6 : We leggen de aanvraagdocumenten voor de Pakistaanse Trademark Registration Office .

Stap 7 : De Pakistaanse Trademark Registration Office te voeren onderzoek en de andere procedures , indien geen bezwaar ontvangen , de Pakistaanse merkregistratie Bureau geeft dan het bewijs van inschrijving ;

Stap 8 : We sturen het bewijs van inschrijving aan klanten.

Time Scale

Momenteel neemt ongeveer 2-3 jaar om een handelsmerk in Pakistan krijgen .


Indien u meer informatie wenst , Voel je vrij om contact voor gedetailleerde overleg .

Telefoon : +92 321-2057582

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